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Credentials NEVER leave the end-user's device. All authentication happens client-side.

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Start processing data with a single line of code using our dead simple helper packages
Effortless integration

Seamless Data sharing

End-users can share what they’re watching, the games they play, their shopping habits and so much more.
Seamless Data sharing

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New 🚀 - Traits, New Data Sources, Helper Packages

By timigod.eth

18 Jun, 2024

4 mins read

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Gandalf envisions a future where the ownership and exchange of consumer data is governed by the end-users themselves, facilitated by a sufficiently decentralized protocol. Our mission is to empower users with full control over their data, while providing developers with a stable, trustworthy platform free from unilateral API changes. By leveraging cryptography and peer-to-peer computing, we aim to transform how consumer data is accessed and utilized, paving the way for innovation without boundaries. Read more about our vision

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